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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Lao Tzu

It makes no odds whether your nearest and dearest are 5 or 75- The Harmonious Hub shares proven practices and techniques from wellness practitioners. You’re guaranteed to get out of your head and find harmony.

From turning your work environment to an oasis of Zen – to top tips for stronger muscles. You can say goodbye to gloom and relax with a new sense of community. With inspirational articles arranged by theme; you’ll be sure to find the information you’re looking for here.

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So, you want to know the face behind the magic?


It all started when I was twenty and hiding under the bedsheets, again. I could hear her feet approaching. Tension travelled down my arms and curled my fingers into fists.

But I concentrated hard on relaxing my face. If she thought I was asleep, perhaps she’d just… just… go away.

She pulled the covers off and with flaming red hair falling about my face I screamed. And then instantly regretted the temper I was becoming known for. Why is there so much disharmony in me? Around me?

And there I was heading off to my first meditation class.

‘8 steps to happiness’ changed my life. With peace of mind I realised for the first time that life could be different. I’d been shown a new way. It was a gift I felt compelled to share. And I knew then that somehow, I would create a safe space from the crazy world we live in.

Throughout adulthood I’ve been all about improvement and efficiency. And have the qualifications to match: to enable both you and the businesses you love to be productive.

For 20 years I’ve also been a practising Buddhist. I’ve spent a lot of time learning about mindfulness and meditation. And how these techniques reduce stress and improve relationships. As a teacher, I support you in finding your own safe space.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community. I understand what it is to feel different. But there is joy to be found in this topsy turvy world. And that’s why I started The Harmonious Group Ltd. Sign up to mailing list today- to get your invite to the virtual anniversary party; as well as all our other news and offers.