Save The Bees

It was Bee Awareness Day recently, and as I work with children I spent some time reading up about bees so we could incorporate some fun bee facts into our week.

Save the bees

I learned so much!

Like most people, I had a general idea about honey bees, and bumblebees, I knew they pollinate flowers and of course about honeybees making honey, but last week I discovered so much more about solitary bees, which make up around 250 of the 270 species of bee in the UK. Many of these are living underground all around – there are certainly some in our garden- and are responsible for pollinating huge amounts of flowers.

The way they create their homes is incredible, if you have the chance do read up on the Wildlife Trust’s website:

We are all now more determined than ever to save the bees. Planting bee-friendly flowers and providing an environment where they can flourish must be a priority for us.

Together we can make a difference 🐝