Invest In The Future

The theme of World Earth Day this year is ‘invest in our planet’, so now is a good time to think about how we connect with our Earth and what pledges we might be able to make ahead of this summer. We might have plans for a busy few months ahead meeting friends and spending time outdoors…

But something we always see as the weather improves is that the bins in the parks and beauty spots are soon overflowing with waste, often drinks bottles, plastic packaging, and disposable coffee cups. The waste attracts insects and animals and can often harm them, either because they become trapped or they eat food that is unsuitable for them. Then there is the environmental impact of the rubbish going to landfills. 

Here at the Hub we are looking forward to summer days out over the coming months. We know it’s so easy to head out without bags, drink bottles, or coffee cups and then end up buying disposables, and worse, binning them because we are out and there is no recycling bin available. So, our pledge this year is that we are going to invest in some gorgeous eco-friendly reusable picnicware, cups, and bottles that we won’t ever want to leave at home! 

Then we can get out and explore our beautiful world, and literally leave no trace.