Ways to Help Ukraine

Many of us are keen to help those affected by the war in Ukraine, and it’s important that any money or material help we give does get to those who need it.

We all need to lend a loving hand to the refugees from Ukraine

Here is a compilation of trusted national charities where you can donate, of course, this list is not exhaustive and there are many small, local groups and charities too, usually accessed via local Facebook groups.

The Ukrainian Embassy has set up a fund named ‘With Ukraine’ where people can donate via PayPal or bank transfer. They will spend donations on humanitarian assistance for civilians, and medical and military supplies for the army in Ukraine. https://www.withukraine.org/

Also, the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain is raising money for medicine, food, and other essentials. https://augb.co.uk/

And here are some major charitable organisations you can donate to:

  1. The British Red Cross are helping the Ukrainian Red Cross provide food, medicine, clothing and shelter along with first aid training.
  2. The UNHCR refugee agency are funding emergency shelters, repairs to homes, emergency cash assistance, psychological support and warm clothing. https://www.unrefugees.org.uk/
  3. Unicef United Kingdom is collecting for families who need clean water and food, and helping to provide welfare for children. https://www.unicef.org.uk/
  4. Save The Children is helping those crossing borders and providing cash assistance, food and other support. https://www.savethechildren.org.uk/
  5. The Disasters Emergency Committee is a group of 15 aid charities which is supervising this appeal. The government will double all donations to this appeal up to a total of £20m. https://www.dec.org.uk/ Click on the pic below for more info about each of the individual charities.

And of course, although Ukraine is at the top of our headlines at the moment we mustn’t forget about all the refugees from other conflicts around the world. The DEC is also raising money for the situation in Afghanistan and other conflicts if you want to give to them as well.