In Praise Of Winter Walks

Did you find yourself going out for more walks during the lockdown? Many of us did and we found we enjoyed a renewed connection with the natural world.

Now the lockdown is over, at least for now… and facilities such as shops, cafes, and bars are all back open again. So especially given the winter weather, it’s easy for us to spend our leisure time sitting indoors instead of getting out there on our walks just like we did before.

However, there is a lot to be said for rekindling our love for walking. It’s healthy, has a low covid risk and it’s free. Walking on a crisp chilly day is one of the nicest wintertime activities.

Often it’s enough to simply enjoy your time outdoors but to add to the experience try taking a nature ID booklet with you and discover what fungi, trees, and shrubs are in your local area.

Take it at your own pace, and reconnect. You will definitely feel the benefit!