But what can WE do about climate change?

The UK is hosting the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on 31 October-12 November 2021.

There will be some super important decisions made during this conference to bring in changes to tackle climate change and to build on the agreements made in the Paris Climate Accords back in 2015. There is universal agreement that how we behave during the next decade is absolutely crucial to the future of our planet.

Which will we choose?

Sometimes it’s hard to feel we can make a difference on a personal level, with limited influence and resources, but it’s good to remember that although the politicians and leaders can make policies, the real power of change does depend on every individual putting the effort in and making changes for the sake of the environment.

So what can we all do as individuals? There are a wealth of resources out there for inspiration and help, it’s a case of doing what we can in a way that’s sustainable for us. It’s a gradual process when the cleaning products start to run down, refill rather than buy more plastic bottles, or make the swap to natural cleaners like bicarb and vinegar. Make the swap to plastic-free toiletries and unwrapped food. We can all think about our individual carbon footprint.

What else can one person or family do? Well, we can decide how to reduce the use of our car, insulate our homes better, buy local to minimise shipping, eat more plant-based foods. We can refill, reuse, and if we can’t do either of those things, recycle. We can upcycle, gift or recycle to avoid landfill. Really consider what we are flushing/washing away and whether the chemicals will harm the environment.

In our family, toys are a big consideration, there are so many bits of plastic (dare I say tat?!), especially in kids magazines, which can be replaced with more sustainable versions. Pet food pouches can be swapped for recyclable tins. Even little swaps can make a difference, and add a bit of mindfulness, like remembering the shopping bags so there is no need to buy a carrier bag.

And let’s not forget about campaigning to encourage our governments to commit to taking more action than they already are! They need to know that we are engaged and want more from them.

Really most of us already know all this, don’t we! We just have to personally commit to change today, and we can soon get into better habits. Every little thing we do WILL make a difference if millions of us are doing it. Let’s make this next decade count!

So what will you do today?🌏