In Appreciation Of Black Cats

Black cats have had very mixed fortunes over the years. They are viewed in some cultures as lucky – in Japan black cats are seen as extremely lucky. In others as either lucky or unlucky, depending on if the cat faces you or turns away. Historically in the West, they were considered to be witches familiars or as actual witches in shape-shifting form. From this black cats have now become synonymous with Halloween in the present day.

Campaigns by rescue organisations such as the Cats Protection League have helped bust some myths that they are unlucky. However, reports that people were overlooking black cats because they were not photogenic enough to be Instagramable have sparked a run of fantastic rescue centre photo competitions just for black cats.

Nowadays black cats are more readily rehomed than in the past, but sadly still take longer than their tabby/tortie/white counterparts to find their forever homes. However, they do make wonderful companions to share your home with. Here at the Harmonious Hub, we love black cats and here are our two black Harmonious kitties, Bimini and Star.


Is there a black cat-shaped hole in your life? If you are considering sharing your home with a cat do consider rehoming one of the beautiful black cats at your local rescue centre.

Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day!

We also have black cat goodies in the Harmonious Shop if like us,

you love all things cat!