The Power Of Play

Do you ever feel you are in a creative rut? If so, there is a surprising, and enjoyable, antidote: play!

To be able to engage in something purely for enjoyment, with no pressure to achieve a goal, and no pressure to be ‘good at it’ actually allows you to access your free-spirited, creative side which can feel hindered in a work environment with deadlines and external pressures.

It’s unusual for adults to just play without an ‘agenda’ such as learning a skill, entertaining children and so on, but just playing can be very empowering.

Thinking of trying it and not sure where to start? Just be guided by what takes your fancy, maybe painting, colouring, pottery, kicking a ball about, crosswords, storytelling…. the list is endless!

The most important thing is not to put any pressure on yourself to be ‘good’, just enjoy it, allow yourself to release endorphins and de-stress. You will see the results in your own wellbeing and your creative skills when you return to your work.