More Facemasks Anyone?

Perhaps a slightly odd title given it is technically ‘Freedom Day’ here in the UK? Perhaps not so much…

Despite today being called ‘Freedom Day’, here at The Harmonious Hub we are still retaining much caution. We have all been double jabbed – yes. We will continue to work from home – yes. We take the home tests weekly – yes. However, we still want to maintain caution due to the exponentially increasing number of infections and hospitalisations rising here in the UK.

After all, COVID can cause short-term illness at best, long COVID, and death at worst. None of us want any of those here at The Harmonious Hub, and we want to protect our family, friends, and society at large as best we can.

Luckily we have access to a wide range of facemasks here at The Harmonious Hub that make wearing them less uuuurgh! They come in a range of pretty designs… Personally, I am wearing the pink hearts design this past week. What I notice about these facemasks is that they are really comfortable to wear. They have toggles on the ear hooks that mean you can make it the right size for your face. They also help prevent my glasses from steaming up due to the flexible nose ridge. More importantly, they come with changeable and insertable PM2.5 filters that help keep away airborne contaminants (like COVID). The face masks themselves are washable too for that extra feel-safe feeling.

Yes, we know that no facemask is going to 100% protect anyone from everything. We do however firmly believe that they help reduce the spread of coughs, colds, and COVID. We will therefore happily wear them for as long as we feel necessary.

If you feel like us and are going to keep on wearing face masks and would like to jazz up your collection then please do browse our face mask page.