Mental Health and Productivity

It is all very well having systems in place to help you be more productive, but what happens when you are not able to follow them? Mental health and productivity are intrinsically linked …

Mental health affects us all. We all have a brain and inside that sits our mind, and it can go wrong occasionally. Whether that is depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder there are many mental health issues that can affect any of us at any time.

“When they occur, our productivity can take a dive!” 

So how do we deal with it? First and foremost, self-care is key. If you need to go to a doctor to get medication to help you through the issues, then go. If you need a break from work, then take one. If you need time away, then do it. If you need to spend time with family and friends, then organise it.

Secondly, if you can delegate or delay any work then do so. It helps if you have people around you to do that. For those of us who are self-employed that can be more difficult. However, you can hire virtual assistants, call handlers, and associates to take the workload off you while you take time to recover.

Take time to learn some positive coping mechanisms:

  • Talking therapy – very useful to help learn key skills and deal with any issues that could be contributing towards the mental health issue
  • Meditation – helped people for centuries to de-stress, which helps improve mental health
  • Exercise – great for lifting the mood and making us healthier in general
  • Socialising – when we have mental health issues it is tempting to hide away. Friends and family can really help or other social groups such as specialist mental health groups

Although mental health can affect your productivity, it doesn’t have to stop it in its tracks. Implementing one or all of the four points above, in little steps, could make a real difference and start you back on the road to what you consider to be normal productivity levels for you.

“Would you like to know more?”

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Until next time …