A New Furry Adventure

Owning another sentient being is a weird concept I find. How can I own any other Human or Animal?  So as I have recently become the official ‘my name is on the microchip’ owner of two adorable kittens I am still adjusting to the idea! 

Our bundles of joy arrived nearly 3 weeks ago in our household. Both myself and my partner have grown to adore these little balls of mischief and mayhem quickly. 😸

Wade and Bimini survey their new realm

They are so tiny and cute. Their individual personalities already forming. Wade is the more adventurous, whilst Bimini is the feisty one. Wade was named after Deadpool by my partner and Bimini was named after a finalist on Drag Race UK by me. Both already responding to their names pleased to say. 

As someone who has not been the primary caretaker of pets before it was a daunting prospect. Would I be able to handle them and would they like their new home?  🤷🏼‍♀️ Turns out the answer is yes to both questions. 

They are boisterous being two brothers, yet also very cuddly cats. It is fun attempting to work with them around. My clients and family regularly see them in video calls as they love my Mac for some reason. Cable covers have had to be bought, with fairy lights and other delicate items taken out of reach too. 

Yes, it is a long-term commitment and yes it is scary when I find them jumping off insanely high bannister rails, not cheap either with vets bills and food (plus of course all the wonderful toys we have bought for them to ignore!). 

I wouldn’t change them for anything though. They bring fun and joy into my life and my heart. Without knowing it, they are helping improve my mental well being too. Having to care, feed, water, and cuddle them on demand is no easy task but one I am loving. Looking after them really does improve my mood and I look forward to cuddle times with them every moment they deem it acceptable 😹 

So overall pet ownership has been a positive experience so far. Although after 3 weeks I think they might be the ones owning us after all!