The Joy Of Gardening

When I was at University I really, really wanted an allotment. I put my name down on the council waiting list where it remained for the full three years I was studying there. In the end I finished my course and moved away to take a job before I got to the top of the list! In hindsight this was probably just as well, as I now have a small allotment and I realise that I probably wouldn’t have put the work in that an allotment needs when I was a student – I was far too busy with my social life.

Jane in her happiest place

Now my allotment itself is a fair chunk of my social life, I go there and see my neighbouring plot holders and there are plenty of events organised through the year. However the main benefit for me is physical, I don’t have the motivation to exercise for the sake of getting fit, but I love it that keeping the allotment tidy, planting and harvesting not only provides us with some food but also gives me a good cardiovascular workout, keeps me supple and gets me out in the fresh air with all the benefits that brings. Bring on the summer!