Love Is Love

Love Is Love

When I started to date as a teenager back in the early ’90s, life was pretty simple.  Me and a boy walking hand in hand down the street, maybe making out in the park.  Simples.  Then when I started to date girls as well, things were not so simple.  We could not hold hands or we would get called names or worse, beaten up.  Hell no to the idea of making out in the park if we didn’t want an audience who were either overly appreciative of watching girls make out or incredibly hostile – both equally as dangerous.

Love Is Love
Photo by Yoav Hornung on Unsplash

So when a couple of years ago I was with family for a few days, Pride month was all over the news and they said ‘why can’t you just get on with it – no need for all this pride stuff’ I had to explain the above to them.  As a heterosexual straight couple they could go out hand in hand but as a bi-sexual female, I could not with my girlfriend.  Unequal at best, dangerous and life-threatening at worst. 

That is why we need Pride for all LGBTQIA+ people.  Whilst some of the world do not agree with the idea that love equals love, no matter who, no matter what gender, sex, sexuality, colour, race, or religion we will always need Pride.  

Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia, the list, unfortunately, goes on.  I personally do not get it.  Along with racism, sexism, and all other discriminatory points of view.  I simply do not get the hate and violence that happens in this world.  To me, everyone is human.  Everyone, therefore, is equally deserving of love, compassion and to be able to live out their lives in peace. 

At the end of the day, we all want to be happy.  Happiness does not come from holding negative and discriminatory views of others.  Happiness does not come from hurting others physically or emotionally.  Happiness for ourselves and others only comes from practicing kindness and holding a mind of compassion for all.  When we hold these minds, we just want everyone to be happy and do what we can to help make that happen. 

This is what creates a #harmoniousworld.