Restore our Earth

Earth Day is marked every year on April 22nd, and the theme this year is ‘Restore our Earth’. The intention behind this theme is to encourage us all to consider whether we can really go back to the ‘old normal’ once the coronavirus restrictions are lifted, with respect to our consumer habits and lifestyle choices.

World Earth Day

Every living being has the right to live in a clean and healthy environment, and it is up to us, as humans, to make this happen. We know humans have plundered the earth and its natural resources for so long now and there needs to be a turning point. Earth Day this year is a challenge to us to not only stop harming the earth but to proactively help restore it. If we don’t want to return to the ‘old normal’ of single-use plastics, tonnes of waste going to landfill, food waste, and pollution, we can make personal resolutions for positive change by being more thoughtful in what we buy, think about if we really need it, where we buy it from and how we will dispose of it.

We can also find ways to “give back” to the Earth, such as planting trees and pollinating flowers, providing homes for the animals who share the space with us, perhaps leaving part of our garden wild, making bug hotels, nesting boxes for birds and bats. Maybe we can litter pick or help rewild areas near our home.

Let’s make 2021 the year we didn’t return to normal habits and really start to restore our beautiful planet.

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash