Sunrise meadow

Making a fresh start

It’s now a year since the first lockdown and it’s also the beginning of Springtime – so our thoughts are naturally turning towards the future and to our hopes for what the year ahead will hold for us.

Sunrise meadow
A chance for a fresh start?

Spring has always been a time for new beginnings but this year there are so many stories in the media about people who are feeling inspired by their experiences during lockdown to make positive changes to their lives once the restrictions are lifted. Some of them plan to get out in nature more, making quality time for their family, cooking and baking, and generally taking life at a slower pace. Their priorities are shifting.

An interesting effect of having many of our usual external stimuli taken away by all the restrictions is that we’ve simply had to learn to be content with what we have – and this is a skill worth learning. What a wonderful way to transform such a difficult year by drawing this very valuable lesson from it.

This Spring can be a new beginning for all of us, especially if we focus on keeping a positive mind, and enjoying our lives, moment by moment.

2021 may live up to our expectations, or it may not – but resolving to keep a positive mind will give us the mental strength and resilience to deal with whatever happens.