Don't see red over people not following COVID rules

How to deal with people who are not following COVID rules

Force them to stay at home….put them in prison….fine them….punch them…..make them work in a COVID ward or funeral home….send them to live in a country where there is no option but to follow the rules and see how they like that….don’t worry, they are all stupid and will kill themselves off by not following the rules….

All ideas I have either heard of or thought over the past year. Not the most positive thoughts to be thinking I’m sure you agree!

Don't see red over people not following COVID rules
Don’t see red over people not following COVID rules

I was speaking with a usually positive, bubbly, happy friend last week. She has family who are shielding and at great risk from COVID. She said she was feeling a lot of anger towards all the people who were partying in groups over Xmas and New Year and are still walking around town without masks and not social distancing.

We had a chat about this as anger is an emotion that becomes draining and tiring. It also makes us more likely to be irritable and snappy at others and who wants that?

At the end of the chat she said she actually felt her anger reduce and she felt like she had a way of dealing with issue in a more constructive way. She also encouraged me to write a blog on it, hence why I am writing this now, just in case it helps you deal with it too.

So what did we talk about?

  1. People are afraid. When people are afraid they react in many different ways. Some will have stayed at home as a result of the fear of COVID and the resulting illness and death that can occur due to it. Others will have reacted to the fear by ignoring the lockdown rules. There are also some who will have ignored the situation, and others decided it is all false as a way of dealing with their fear of the uncontrollable. No matter what the behaviour is, I am sure a lot of it is driven by fear at this moment in time. Fear is a horrible emotion and drives us to do things we would not normally do.
  2. Compassion for everyone. When people are suffering, whether that be physically or mentally, the only response is compassion. Having contemplated this deeply over the past few months, I came to conclusion that living in fear is very traumatising for all concerned. When a child is fearful, we want to comfort them, to stop their fear. We often feel the same towards those we love. It is more difficult for those we don’t like or disagree with. Yet they are still experiencing fear, negativity, anger and therefore suffering. It is completely appropriate to feel compassion for everyone, even if we do not agree with their actions.
  3. Everything always changes. Nothing ever stays the same. This applies to everything from the planets climate, a country’s government or an individual person. COVID will not always be around. The vaccines are our light in the tunnel at this moment in time. In a few years, I hope and pray, we will have all moved on. Lockdowns and masks will be a distant memory. The anger we feel right now will also have changed. There will be something new to get angry about. After all, we are not likely to find the world becomes a utopia any time soon. So why not work on the mind of anger and get rid of that, instead of being swayed by whatever external circumstances get thrown at us next? Wouldn’t it be much better to be in control of the only thing we can control, our mind, than try to control what we cannot?

So, what do you think of these 3 ideas to help reduce your anger towards all those not following COVID lockdown rules? Can you see the logic in them? Or maybe not so much?

They do take some contemplation time. I sometimes combine contemplation with a meditation session. Using a breathing meditation to clear my mind I am then able to contemplate these ideas without getting so caught up in the anger or other negative emotions. When I am walking around day to day I can use these ideas to reduce any annoyance or irritation I feel to reduce the likelihood of the anger getting out of control in my mind.

It won’t stop people not wearing masks, travelling to the seaside or having an illegal rave in a nearby field. It will however help make our mind more peaceful and ourselves more pleasant to be around. As we are stuck in lockdown for a few more weeks we might as well make it a less angry one for ourselves and others (or that is what keeps me focused on not letting the anger erupt anyways!)

But where do I start with meditation you might be thinking? Well a good place to start is by using the massive resource called YouTube as thousands of meditations available for free. I do aim to add a couple of my own – it is on the to-do list! Alternatively, there is an online ‘Learn to Meditate’ half-day course happening here in the UK on 23rd January. Click here for more information and to sign up. Let me know how you get on with it and sign up to our newsletter below for blogs like this direct to your inbox: