What is a harmonious mind and why you need it now

A harmonious is mind is where it all begins. Everything arises from our mind. We imagine we want something and we go out to get it or do it. We do this every day. From cooking our dinner to buying clothes and choosing who to spend time with.

Obviously, we do not always get what we imagine. We may imagine we find a million pounds in our bank account, but it does not materialise. No surprise I hear you say! If we want a million pounds in our bank account we have to decide how we are going to do it and put a plan into action. That could be starting a new business, setting up a savings account or robbing a bank! Whichever route we choose, it comes from our mind.

So, why do we want a harmonious mind? Well, a harmonious mind is a happy mind. I’m sure you all know from your own experience that having an angry mind, or one that is jealous or annoyed is not a positive place to be in for you, or whomever you take those minds out on. When we have a happy mind, we feel in harmony with our body, our relations and our world.

I don’t mean over the top excited I’ve won the lottery type of happy mind by the way. I mean happy as in peaceful and content. Over excitement can be just as unharmonious. I’m sure anyone who has been to a kids party can testify. Eventually, the over-excitement turns into tiredness and tears.

Here at the harmonious hub, we want to help you increase the likelihood of you having a harmonious mind. Through informational and motivational blogs, goodies to help calm and soothe you, alongside practical tips from well-being practitioners, we have you covered on your journey towards a harmonious mind.

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